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Behind the Scenes – Part Three: Poster prints and banners

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This was a fun project – a stage banner recently created for the “Lost & Found” series,
a monthly entertainment event for The Regent Pub on Hastings Street.

Most of our posters are silkscreens on wallpaper, tar paper,
or whatever we can find. Here’s a look at the process for a recent poster:

Step One:
White gloss paper hand-cut and spray painted day-glow orange
through a screen door to give a fine pattern of moving orange dots all over the poster.
Step Two: Day-glow yellow is sprayed within the template cutout.
giving you…Step Three: Line art silkscreened on painted paper.
…and presto!
This poster has a day-glow yellow spot background,
rather than the orange. Every one is different!

Here’s a few more recent posters:

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