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Another great review for STEPHEN NIKLEVA’s Square Moon

Stephen Nikleva
Square Moon (Northern Electric Sound)

From its Esquivel-inspired cover graphics to the rockabilly quiff Stephen Nikleva wears in his jacket photo, Square Moon is a pitch-perfect homage to the guitar instrumental albums of the 1950s and ’60s, with a few contemporary moves thrown in to keep it interesting. Very interesting.

If you’ve been paying attention at all, you’ll be aware of Nikleva’s credits: a musical and multi-instrumental all-rounder, he’s played bizarro-world Afro-prog with Red Herring, sultry pop with Sarah McLachlan, and hipster hillbilly jazz with Petunia and the Vipers. Here, though, he’s thrown his favourite guitar LPs into a blender and arrived at his own take on the era that shaped him. Technically, it’s a tour-de-force: Nikleva knows just how much reverb to apply to invoke the Ventures and how much treble to turn down to conjure up space-age jazzbo George Barnes; he also seems to have a handle on exactly how Les Paul achieved those chiming chipmunk guitars on hits like “How High the Moon” and “Vaya Con Dios”.

As a guitarcheological artifact alone, Square Moon deserves five stars, and we’ll add a bonus comet for the personal touches—including the woozy fretless guitars that wriggle through “The Snake Dance” and the “Never on Sunday” mandolins that decorate “Macedonian Polka”—that come up throughout. This is pure retro fun with a high-gloss nitro finish.

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Spring is here – along with the birth of a new release Scott Smith’s JUST A SEASON.

This is the first time that Smith—who considers himself a songwriter first and a guitarist second—has gone fully solo, enlisting some of his favourite players to put the right groove on a collection of songs that recall an era when folk, rock, and country met in a sun-baked embrace.

The album release is being celebrated Friday, March 28 at Chapel Arts (304 Dunlevy). JUST A SEASON will be performing along with guests VIPER CENTRAL and KHINGFISHER. Doors at 8pm and show at 9pm.

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A diverse collection from some of the best in the region.

Local roasters team up with local rockers to serve up a smooth special blend AND bring the culture to the counters of local coffee and sandwich houses in East Van, as well as the record & music shops.

This rich blend of hot local gold is culled from the backyards and porches of East Vancouver — down the alleys and out into the streets to the coffee houses, restaurants, art spaces, music halls, nightclubs and back home again.

This soundtrack features 18 local music artists spanning a variety of genres from cinematic instrumentals to driving rock and roll, from rockabilly and folk-country blues to cowsoul clash, glam and dance music!

Eleven of the eighteen track collectionare previously unreleased.

DOWNLOAD Press Sheet PDF here

Full Track Listings:
1.  In Soot I Sleep – FLATBACK
2.  Pomp & Circumstance – POLLY
4.  Hey Eddie – JUST A SEASON
5.  Broken Hearted Lovers – MAC PONTIAC
7.  It Won’t Ever Be Right – THE STILL CREEK BROS.
8.  Mais Oui – HERALD NIX
9.  Slippery Footed Man – SPOON RIVER
10.  Paris Spleen – RODNEY DECROO
11.  Dominatrix – MODELOS
12.  La Mejor Cosa Hoy – ANTONIO
13.  Back In The 604 – VAMPIRE BATS
14.  Silver Platter – DEBRA JEAN
15.  The Veins of Peleliu – BUTCH MURPHY & MARC L’ESPERANCE
16.  They Can’t Tell – JENNY RITTER
17.  Shiny Pretty Things – DAVID NEWBERRY
18.  My Love For You Is Not Dead – HARD ON PEOPLE

Publicity Contact: Rodney DeCroo
Phone: 778-710-1767

DOWNLOAD Album Cover (Hi-Res) HERE

DOWNLOAD Artist Photos Side 1 (Hi-Res) HERE

DOWNLOAD Artist Photos Side 2 (Hi-Res) HERE

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