In The Studio – David P. Smith

From DAVID: “Pretty excited to pick up this reel to reel deck today (supplied by Lorne Hammond thank you very much) and repaired and brought up to recording session quality by tech wizard P. Anthony Smith. We’ll be using it this weekend with Mike Hall at MFH Studio to record my new lo-fi live off the floor album. I’ll be joined by Marek Tyler on the drums Dan W. on a coupla songs, and an as of yet unnamed cello player…..good times are sure to unfold.”

David P. Smith recording with his daughter Chloe.

And here’s a bonus from David: “I wrote this song on Wednesday, recorded it on my phone Friday night, shot video footage on my phone Friday night, and edited it up on crappy Windows Movie Maker Sunday afternoon. I’m a modern guy. Of course I’ve had it in the ear before.”

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