“You’d almost hate for the rotten old world to repair itself
if it meant an end to such an uplifting descent into the murk,
and I think we can assume Smith enjoys the work
based on the gusto he brings to Mantennae.”
– The Tyee

DAVID P. SMITH "Mantennae"

1. Daily Agenda
2. Kind of Like a Roger Miller Song
3. Liquor Soaked Road
4. Rotten Old World
5. Ghost
6. Random Rules
7. Songs We Sing
8. Pilot Stream/Last Drinking Song

DAVID P. SMITH "Striving For A New Tomorrow"

1. Jackhammer Man
2. Fourth Of July
3. Sunday
4. Clarity Of Whiskey
5. Holy Pies
6. Obituary
7. Teen Age Drinking Song
8. Monday
9. New Possum Pie
10. Calgary Acid Song
11. Worst Job
12. Days Of The Week
13. December Rain
14. Live