“The Canadians have struck gold again
-with the release of the prodigiously talented Tim Vesely’s
first album with his new band, The Violet Archers.
A long-time member of the iconic Canadian band,
the Rheostatics, Vesely emerges from that eclectic and
sometimes frenetic mix to create a pop-y indie
rock project altogether gentler and more soulful.”

– Pure Music USA

THE VIOLET ARCHERS "The End of Part One"

1. The End Of Part One
2. Co-ordinates
3. Path Of Least
4. First The Wheel
5. Saved Me
6. Simple
7. A Rising Tide
8. Time To Kill
9. All The Good
10. Fool's Gold Rope
11. Life And Then
12. Track Display
13. Outrovox
14. Here Come The Feelings