“A lullaby album from a baby-snatching half-deer,
half-human may seem a strange concept to some,
but then again – maybe it’s perfect!
…the music masterfully evokes dreamtime melodies
that should lull even the hardest of rednecks
into a state of sleepy bliss.”
– BC MUSICIAN Magazine


LILY FAWN "Brightest, Darkest"

1. Friday Morning Hymn
2. Animals Grow Horns
3. Into the Holes
4. Lily's Secret: a Story
5. Murdered for Kissing
6. Shakes the Tops of the Trees
7. Pigeon Is a Dirty Bird
8. Hunter
9. Dream Song
10. Go to Sleep, You Little Creeps
11. Keep Your Eye On the Woods
12. Deep in the Woods
13. Woodhead's Deep Fried Quail Edit
14. Morning Night
15. Time for Bed Sleepyhead
16. Lily and the Babies, Asleep in the Woods