Thanking The Tiger

Before we get too hopped up on the events ahead – thought it WISE to be grateful for the Year of the Tiger and its’ grand adventures. 2010 was a busy year at Northern Electric.

The Pointed Sticks returned to Japan! Two night stand in Tokyo and this sold-out show in Osaka, the last night of the tour.

The Strange Magic stormed the UK! The band played the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool as well as the beautiful Chapel in London, seen below. They toured with legendary folk-psychedelic band Spirogyra.

Lily Fawn popped Montreal! The Lullaby Band played shows with The Swans one night and Fred Penner the next! A hit with both crowds.

Plus, we launched 4 CD’s – celebrating with a series of shows at East Vancouver’s WISE Hall – Spoon River‘s “Kingdom of The Burned” in February, David P. Smith‘s “Mantennae” on April Fools Day and David Newberry‘s “When We Learn The Things We Need To Learn” in June.

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