Skookumchuck – Songs of the Pacific Northwest 1800 – 1970’s

Northern Electric is proud to present an exhibit opening Thursday night, 7pm to 11pm, Skookumchuck “Songs of the Pacific Northwest 1800 – 1970’s” which draws from Phil Thomas’ essential collection of BC’s history in song.

Utah Philips said
“If folk song was the engine,
then Phil Thomas was the grease.”

His collection which is also part of UBC Library’s Special Collections contains over 500 songs, images and ephemera from BC’s colourful history from pre-colonial days to the gold rushes and the early industries of logging, fishing, mining and ranching. The Cowboy Junkies covered an adaption of one of the songs “Taku Miners/Mining For Gold” from this collection on their breakthrough “Trinity Sessions” album.

Northern Electric is currently working on new website for Thomas’ collection under his company banner, Skookumchuck Records and a new album of modern interpretations of these songs with a variety of great Canadian artists like Herald Nix, Carolyn Mark, Petunia, Kelly Haigh, Jimmy Roy and many more.

To celebrate this exhibit we are presenting a special concert Friday evening, October 12 with Herald Nix, The Trespassers and Mac Pontiac. Of special note, the notorious piano man Michael Van Eyes, who plays with The Trespassers, is the son of Phil Thomas.

Here’s a link to more details about the event and the exhibit.


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