Death and the Pointed Sticks

Art Bergmann‘s introduction of the Pointed Sticks foreshadows next weekends Fall Down/Get Down Festival. Our friends at La Ti Da are throwing a big party with Detroit’s Death headlining Friday night and then on Saturday night, it’s the grand finale for the legendary Pointed Sticks. They are just completing a final album due in the new year but are hanging up their skates with regard to live performances – a bittersweet night in Vancouver music history.

When do we burn down the hot dog stands?
And give the wieners to the people
The cereal in the wieners is not available to the people of India
Instead you give it to your dogs you drag around here miserably
Are you sick of
The death of fourth avenue?
The death of love?
The death of the automobile?
The death of hominids
I stand here as an anti-hominid
I wish you all death
And the Pointed Sticks

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